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Colors of Success Leadership Award

Greater Rochester is stronger
when we're all in the room.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building an economy driven by the ingenuity, intelligence, and involvement of all residents. To reach our full potential, we must ensure that every member of our community has unimpeded access to economic opportunities and is treated with fairness.


The Colors of Success Leadership Award, brought to the community by Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, celebrates individuals who have shown outstanding leadership in fostering a sense of belonging, ensuring economic fairness, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion across a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences in their workplace and the Greater Rochester community. This award recognizes those whose efforts have positively impacted the cultural and economic fabric of their environment and is awarded annually.

The Colors of Success Leadership Award, first introduced to our community in 2022, recognizes individuals who demonstrate sustained excellence. This award look for individuals who:

Award Criteria:

  • Excellence in Sustained Efforts: Demonstrates excellence in sustained efforts toward fostering a sense of belonging, ensuring economic fairness, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace. This involves continuous engagement and leadership in fostering an inclusive environment over an extended period.

  • Contribution to Programs and Policies: Directly contributes to the development and implementation of programs, policies, or initiatives that support the advancement and fair treatment of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This includes actively addressing challenges and barriers to ensure more inclusive and equitable opportunities within the organization.

  • Commitment to Mentorship and Support: Shows a strong commitment to assisting, coaching, and/or mentoring diverse groups in the workplace and/or community. This involves dedicating time and resources to support the professional and personal growth of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, both within the organization and in the broader community.
Save the date for the 2024 Award Ceremony on Thursday, September 26th!

Save the Date for our 2024 Awards Ceremony on
Thursday, September 26, 2024

Nominate a worthy individual today! If you know of a person who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in this space in Greater Rochester, we encourage you to nominate them by August 8th. Click the link below to submit your nomination!

Individuals are also welcome to self-nominate.
Contact to learn more and for the application form!

Meet Dr. Keith Jenkins

Inaugural Colors of Success DEI Leadership Award

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See Photos from the 2023 Awards Ceremony:

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