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Member Testimonials

Our members say it best! Hear how they connect to success with
Greater Rochester Chamber membership:
Rachel Frame

"As a new business, we have grown very rapidly in the last four years, starting with one employee, and growing to over 60. There are a lot of HR questions that come up as a business owner and among our staff. Greater Rochester Chamber has been very helpful in providing us with resources and different tools we can lean on in the HR realm. This means we didn’t have to take on the financial burden of hiring somebody in the HR realm, but instead allowed us to lean on Greater Rochester Chamber for resources that have answered a lot of our questions and guided us as we continue to grow.”

Rachel Bantelman-Evans, Owner and Founder, Lumos Infrared Sauna Studio

“We had to grow like never before and hiring people was key. Having access to the talent at Greater Rochester Chamber to get us access to the people in the community was instrumental. There's a lot of challenges still in [our industry] and a lot of solutions that can help. We're going to need the Chamber to help us hire more people and continue to get us access to business leaders and community leaders to help us build our community here and grow.”

Jay McHarg, CEO, AeroSafe Global

Jay Frame
Mark Frame

"Having Greater Rochester Chamber as a partner helps us identify talent, market opportunities here, and helps us showcase our growth. On the advocacy side, the Chamber helps not only when there's issues at the state level that we really need to help shape to make our business grow faster, but also as the laws change make sure we're aware of what's going on and making sure that we can stay in compliance.”

Mark Murphy, CEO, Greenlight Networks

“If you are a company that is considering joining Greater Rochester Chamber and hasn’t yet made that step, I would say it’s time to join a wonderful community of business leaders who are committed to not only driving their business’s successes but also in fueling and contributing to the success of our community locally. I believe there are 1,300 members locally, so what a network of other business leaders to be able to bounce ideas off of, get inspiration, network with, and partner with, all in support of driving one another’s business and supporting our local community and keeping people in Rochester, where we all live.”

Kimberly Jones, President & CEO, Butler/Till

Kimberly Frame
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Nicole-VanGorder-Headshot web

“Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce has been part of our journey every step of the way. From our ribbon-cutting ceremony to providing critical information to run our business, Greater Rochester Chamber serves as an important connection between business and the community at large. Our membership has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. The small membership fee has been paid back in dividends to us through the various types of support they provide. Background checks, HR assistance, and advocacy are just some of the many benefits we have access to as members. As a small business, the Chamber serves as an additional layer of support in running our business without the large overhead costs. It’s a great feeling knowing that the Chamber is in our corner should issues ever arise. I feel one step ahead thanks to their regular communication and important advocacy efforts. Everyone on the Chamber team are helpful and always willing to go the extra mile. Our team is grateful to be a member among so many other amazing organizations in our community.”

Nicole VanGorder, Chief Operating Officer, Rivent Partners


“Greater Rochester Chamber has been instrumental in helping us navigate the political state of affairs in Albany and by introducing us to the appropriate people. Without this guidance we would have spent countless hours trying to connect with the right people and ultimately would not have had nearly the success that we have enjoyed to date. It was a pleasure working with Greater Rochester Chamber, and we were able to see positive results almost immediately.”

Scott Reston, President, Coach & Equipment Bus Sales


"Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce has played a key role in removing barriers that stood in the way of some of our most transformative projects. Their team uses the relationships they have built at the local and state levels to help their members, and they get the job done. We are proud to be a Greater Rochester Chamber member and support the work they do on behalf of progress and prosperity in the Greater Rochester region.”

Jett Mehta, CEO, Indus Hospitality Group

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