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Visiting Greater Rochester Chamber & Parking Details

Thank you for visiting Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce!

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is located at 250 Clinton Square, Rochester, NY 14604. We are on the 2nd floor of the Clinton Square building, located at 75 S. Clinton Ave, on the corner of East Broad St. and South Clinton Ave, pictured to the left.


Parking is available for visitors to our office at no cost in the parking garage located under our building. When using a GPS, please enter 75 South Clinton Ave to get directions to the parking garage entrance. The parking garage entrance is on S. Clinton just past the Metropolitan if you come from the direction of Main St., or just before the Metropolitan if you come from the direction of Broad St. When you arrive, just drive up to the intercom, push the button to speak to security, let them know you are here to visit Greater Rochester Chamber and share the name of the employee you are visiting, and they will open the gate/metal door.

There is also street parking on the Broad St. side of the building – one is 15 minute parking next to the building (mostly used for vendors and day care pick up/drop off), and there is 2 hour parking directly across the street from there as well.

Map view and street view of the parking garage entrance are below:

Arrival & Entry

If you park in the parking garage, the elevator and stairs are towards the center. Take either up to the 1st floor, go and sign in at the security desk, then take the elevators up to the 2nd floor.

When you exit the elevator, go toward the railing (following the signage with our logo) then turn right to go to our reception door. The doors are locked but our will receptionist let you in. If no one is at reception, please ring the bell or call your contact based on the phone list on the wall.

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