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2023 in Numbers

Greater Rochester Chamber is proud to serve as the voice of business for the nine-county Greater Rochester/Finger Lakes region.

Every day, we work on behalf of our 1,300+ members to move the needle on the issues that matter to our members and ensure that our region stays on the cutting edge as a hub for business and innovation. Read more about the difference we've made in our community this year.


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new members welcomed
new MWBE members joined
ribbon cuttings hosted
member news stories shared

Greater Rochester Chamber's 1,300+ members are the foundation that enables all of our work. The investment of our members in our organization and our region fuels everything we do to help businesses and non-profits grow in this community.

This year, we were proud to grow our membership with businesses of all sizes and across industries. Greater Rochester Chamber's membership base is reflective of the broader business community in our region and is made up of over 80% small businesses. In 2023, we were proud to welcome in an additional 90+ minority- and woman-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) as Greater Rochester Chamber members, in partnership with Monroe County, COMIDA, and MCIDC's MWBE Certification Program. This is an important step to ensure that business leaders from all backgrounds are represented in the Voice of Business for the nine-county Greater Rochester/Finger Lakes region.

As part of our work to remove barriers to success, we are excited to help our members share their good news. Your wins are our wins - we grow together. In 2023, we hosted 16 ribbon cuttings for new businesses, expanding businesses, or relocating businesses investing in our region. These ribbon cuttings are important celebrations of the small businesses that are choosing every day to call the Greater Rochester region home and create jobs and contribute to our regional economy. Additionally, this year we shared over 250 member news stories to publicize and give a platform to the business victories in our community. Member news stories are featured on our website, as well as in our weekly Voice of Business newsletter. To learn more about member news and some of the work worth celebrating in our region, please see our Member News archives.

To learn more about Greater Rochester Chamber membership, please see our Overview, or contact Membership Director Kevin Donahue.


members assisted through direct advocacy and formal submissions
organizations across NYS interfaced with
memoranda drafted and submitted on behalf of members
meetings and roundtables hosted on critical issues

Advocacy can take many forms. To us, it means breaking down the barriers impeding business success. Greater Rochester Chamber of serves as the primary advocate for the Finger Lakes region's business community. In 2023, our efforts in supporting the region's industries were extensive and wide-reaching, ranging from making connections to letters of support and directly meeting with legislators, and everything in between.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of businesses in 2023 in securing support to grow and expand their business, navigating government agencies, procuring permits and licensures necessary for their success, and advocating directly to decision-makers through meetings, memoranda, letters, phone calls, and advocacy days. Our efforts resulted in many "wins," including helping to secure the most substantial increase in Medicaid reimbursement in nearly 15 years. This will help our region's largest employers help even more people and generate more meaningful careers.

We also utilized our network and relationships to help many small businesses this year, who are so critical to our regional economy. We provided impactful assistance to members on over 120 occasions through direct advocacy and formal submissions, and in many cases helped businesses get off the ground of stay open. These efforts span various areas and include direct engagements with over 35 different organizations across New York State, including:

  • NYS Executive Chamber
  • Greater Rochester’s NYS Majority and Minority Delegations
  • US Small Business Administration
  • NYS Department of Education
  • NYS Department of State
  • NYS Liquor Authority
  • NYS Tax and Finance
  • NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
  • NYS Empire State Development
  • NYS Office of Unclaimed Funds (NYS Comptroller’s Office)
  • NYS Office of Cannabis Management
  • NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
  • Monroe County Executive
  • Monroe County Department of Planning and Economic Development
  • Monroe County Office of Human Services
  • Monroe County Clerk’s Office
  • Monroe County Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Monroe County Public Health
  • Monroe County Sheriff
  • Monroe County Veterans Service Agency
  • Monroe County Water Authority
  • Monroe County Aviation Department
  • Monroe County Department of Environmental Services
  • Monroe County Department of Taxation
  • City of Rochester Mayor
  • City of Rochester Neighborhood and Business Development
  • City of Rochester Zoning
  • City of Rochester Law Department
  • City of Rochester Department of Environmental Services
  • Various Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs)

To learn more about Greater Rochester Chamber's ongoing advocacy efforts and current policy priorities, please see our Advocacy Agenda. Our advocacy is a collaborative process with our members and our policies shift based on what matters most to you. If there is anything Greater Rochester Chamber can do to help, please reach out.

Marc Cohen
Chief of Staff

Human Resources Services

HR Helpline calls taken
HR Forum registrants
members participated in HR Surveys
members registered for Friday HR Briefings

Our HR Services department assisted with over 1,200 HR Helpline calls this year. In 2023, less than 1% of these calls pertained to COVID-19, as compared to 25% in 2022. This year, we had 154 forum registrants across 4 different HR forums. Of those, 109 are unique companies and there are 137 unique individuals participating. 37 companies have attendees in more than one forum. 16 individuals participate in more than one forum. 1,336 member contacts participated in 1 or more of the 11 wage and benefits benchmarking surveys conducted in 2023. They represented 284 different member companies. 84% of members participated in more than one survey, and 61% completed 4 or more surveys. 729 member contacts registered for 1 or more of the 10 Friday HR Briefings offered in 2023. They represented 227 different member companies, and there were 386 different contacts registered. 40% of attendees registered for more than 1 meeting.


visitors to
social media impressions
posts across social media
successful member advertising email deliveries

Greater Rochester Chamber is an information hub for tens of thousands of business professionals in the Greater Rochester region. Each year, we strive to tell the story of our organizaion and its members to underscore how Greater Rochester is a thriving community for businesses and people to call home. Making sure organizations in our community know how we can help remove barriers to success is critical to ensuring the success of our organization and region.

Across our main Greater Rochester Chamber LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels we are proud to have over 32,000 followers, not including the 20+ other accounts managed within our organization, representing different brands, programs, and initiatives. With the speed of information, we must we provide timely messages to our audience and meet them where they already are. We encourage you to follow us to get updates from Greater Rochester Chamber directly on your phone.

In addition to our social media channels, we maintain a robust directory of resources on, ensuring that our work is documented and easy to find for anyone looking for help. Our website serves as a portal to connect to all of the products and services, offered by our team. From sharing news updates, event registraion, digital resources, and member directories, our website has it all. We invite you to take the time to dive in and explore everything it has to offer.

We also understand the importance of using our network to help tell the stories of our members and community partners throughout Greater Rochester. We do this both on our website through our Member News program, Community Calendar, and Voice of Business blog, and through our Member Advertising program. Connecting members to each other is a central tenant of our work, and our member advertising program provides an affordable and effective way to do that for members with advertising budgets of all sizes.

Our goal is to create a two-way dialogue and find synergies between organizations and create meaningful change for the region. To make sure you're hearing the critical things your business needs to know to succeed, please reach out if you're not receiving our emails. We're here to help and answer any questions you have.

Shannon Ealy
Director, Marketing & Communications

Events & Trainings

virtual events hosted
in-person events hosted
signature events hosted
attendees joined

This year, we hosted 55 virtual events and 27 in-person events for a total of 6,700 attendees. Included in our in-person events are the 9 signature events we hosted this year with our affiliates. In 2023, we also launched our first ever DEI Leadership Exchange, to further our work in the diversity space and create an exclusive environment for leaders in DEI to come together and find synergies to uplift their organizations and the Greater Rochester region as a whole.

Talent Strategy

jobs viewed on
remote workers relocated to the Greater Rochester region
veteran engagements facilitated through Veterans Connect
in-person connections made with Greater Rochester area college students

Greater Rochester Chamber takes our role as regional lead for talent strategy as part of the ROC2025 coalition seriously. We offer a variety of programs and services to recruit, retain, and engage employers and workers throughout the Greater Rochester region and throughout the country. It was clear from the beginning that this complex and multi-faceted issue would have to be approached from several angles. Three years in, our work has just begun – but we are proud of the progress we have made.

The programs we have created and the work that we do is a direct result of conversations with key community stakeholders. We’ve conducted surveys and focus groups, held conversations with active board members and other CEOs and HR Managers, and formed a Talent Strategy working committee. We listened to the concerns of our region in order to develop programs and services that were designed specifically to meet the needs of our community. A central tenant that emerged from these conversations and has shaped our focus was the need to develop, engage with, and provide support for hidden talent pools, historically unrepresented in workforce development efforts.

As the numbers above illustrate, we’ve engaged with thousands of individuals and helped connect them to meaningful employment opportunities. What these numbers can’t show is the collective impact these efforts have had on our communities, through the ways that the individuals served have shaped the lives of other people. It is worth celebrating the collective economic impact of these programs, such as $2.1M added to the Greater Rochester regional economy through remote worker salaries in addition to the 39 other trailing family members now working in our community, but talented people and their stories are at the core of our work.

As mentioned above, this work is collaborative. We want to know what your issues are and identify ways we can help. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out and start that conversation.

Barb Egenhofer
Director, Talent Strategy

Recruitment & Screening

employees placed by
Beyond TalentEdge
new clients worked with
Beyond TalentEdge
searches run by Authentica
new clients worked with Authentica

Beyond TalentEdge, our in-house full-service recruitment firm, placed 885 employees in 2023. They additionally welcomed 40 new clients. Authentica, our background screening agency, ran a total of 126k total searches for their clients this year, including 43 new clients.

Beyond TalentEdge, our in-house full-service recruitment firm, placed 885 employees in 2023. They additionally welcomed 40 new clients. Authentica, our background screening agency, ran a total of 126k total searches for their clients this year, including 43 new clients.

Greater Rochester Chamber is proud of our impact throughout the Greater Rochester region.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce powers business through resources, knowledge, problem-solving, and unlocking opportunities. No matter what your business does, Greater Rochester Chamber helps you connect to success.

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