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HR Helpline

Members can get answers to their HR questions online or over the phone.

Employment laws are complicated and evolving. Employers who fail to stay current and in compliance with state and federal labor law risk expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. What you don't know can hurt your business.

To assist, the Greater Rochester Chamber Human Resource Services department provides a valuable HR Helpline service during normal business hours. Available to members at the Basic, Business Builder, Corporate, and Partner levels, this helpline connects you to staff who will research and respond to your HR-related questions on topics such as federal and state labor law, best practices, employee relations, compensation and benefits, etc., as well as provide sample policies, forms, and job descriptions that can be used to create the tools your business needs.

While we cannot provide a legal opinion, our staff has a wealth of resources that will provide the information you need and help you better understand the issue, often minimizing the time you need to spend with legal counsel.

Need an answer or some advice on an employee issue? Our Human Resource Helpline staff will do the research and get you an answer—fast. Contact any of the HR Helpline team members listed below:

Level of assistance varies by tier. See the chart here to learn more about the benefits of membership at each tier and if needed, upgrade your membership to gain access to this helpful service.

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