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Committee for a Strong Economy PAC

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce's political action committee, The Committee for a Strong Economy, interviews and endorses candidates in local and state election races. The PAC is made up of representatives from Greater Rochester Chamber member organizations and identifies candidates dedicated to the economic well-being of our community and supportive of employer interests.


2022 Member Organizations

  • All American Home Care
  • Gerard D. DiMarco, Esq.
  • LaBella Associates PC
  • Mason Marketing LLC
  • RocCity Coalition
  • Rogers Enterprises/Dock Hardware
  • Small Business Council of Rochester
  • Women's Council of Rochester
  • Zweigle's Inc.

2022 Candidate Endorsements

New York State Senate

  • District 54, Hon. Pamela Helming (R)
  • District 55, Len Morrell (R/I/C)
  • District 56, Hon. Jeremy Cooney (D/WF)
  • District 57, Hon. George Borrello (R)
  • District 62, Hon. Robert G. Ortt (R)

New York State Assembly

  • District 130, Hon. Brian D. Manktelow (R/C)
  • District 133, Hon. Marjorie L. Byrnes (R/C)
  • District 134, Hon. Josh Jensen (R/C)
  • District 135, Hon. Jen Lunsford (D)
  • District 136, Hon. Sarah Clark (D)
  • District 138, Hon. Harry B. Bronson (D)
  • District 139, Hon. Stephen M. Hawley (R)

The Committee for a Strong Economy is the political action committee of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. The PAC is made up of representatives of some, but not all, Greater Rochester Chamber members, as some members cannot by law participate in a PAC endorsement process. The Committee for a Strong Economy is a separate entity of Greater Rochester Chamber that is in full compliance with all legal, state, and federal laws and regulations.

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