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Rochester Total Eclipse Task Force seeking input on Relationships Survey

May 3, 2024

Voice of Business Blog The Rochester Eclipse Task Force helped many new relationships form in our community, and we consider this to be one of the most valuable legacies of our work. But the task force needs your help to measure that impact! This will be important for upcoming publications, papers, talks, and national documentation of how…

Geared for Growth: Fusion Digital grows with customers as they celebrate 20 years in Greater Rochester

May 1, 2024

Voice of Business Blog Watch Fusion Digital’s“Geared for Growth” Interview Fusion Digital is a one-stop shop for managed information technology and audio-visual solutions for organizations up and down the East Coast. Co-president Taylor Ferranti was featured on Geared for Growth on Wednesday, May 1st as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with 13WHAM/FOX Rochester.…

Rochester Downtown Development Corporation hosts Washington Square Community Workshop to shape future of public spaces

April 30, 2024

Voice of Business Blog Rochester Downtown Development Corporate is excited to share that Project for Public Spaces has awarded a Community Placemaking Grant for work in Washington Square to facilitate small-scale temporary aesthetic and programming improvements. This grant supports placemaking efforts in Washington Square as outlined in the Rochester 2034 Comprehensive Plan and is facilitated…

IRS Resources: Tax Tips for Small Businesses

April 30, 2024

Voice of Business Blog National Small Business Week is an annual effort led by the Small Business Administration to recognize the hard work, ingenuity and dedication of America’s small businesses and to celebrate their contributions to the economy. To support the special week, the IRS has a variety of resources available for small business owners…

NYS Policy Update: Labor Issues in the FY2025 Enacted Budget

April 29, 2024

Voice of Business Blog On Saturday, April 20th, New York State passed its $237B FY2025 budget. This enacted budget includes a number of key provisions that human resource professionals need to know about to ensure organizations stay prepared and stay in compliance. Below are some of the key issues HR managers should be aware of:…

Geared for Growth: Flower City Union Celebrates National Championship and Record-Breaking Attendance Numbers in Greater Rochester

April 24, 2024

Voice of Business Blog Watch Flower City Union’s“Geared for Growth” Interview Flower City Union is still in its infancy as a team in Greater Rochester and is already celebrating a national championship and expanding to work with more athletes. General Manager Casey Catlin was on Geared for Growth on Wednesday, April 24th as part of…

Press Releases Made Easy: A Greater Rochester Chamber Guide

April 23, 2024

Voice of Business Blog Press releases serve as powerful tools for organizations to communicate key messages, announce significant developments, and garner media attention. Whether you’re hosting an event, unveiling a new product, or sharing important company updates, a well-crafted press release can amplify your message and enhance your brand’s visibility. This guide is designed to…


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