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True North Executive Solutions launches leadership services for Greater Rochester

May 21, 2024

Christina Gullo and Michele Lee are excited to announce their new business, True North Executive Solutions, LLC. True North Executive Solutions provides short-term/fractional Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Executive Director (ED), Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) or other HR leadership and guidance, allowing organizations (non-profit & for-profit) to continue to move forward. An important component of our work is an organizational assessment or Human Resources gap analysis to identify and address critical gaps and priorities.

Gullo and Lee are trusted experts in the field, utilizing a bespoke/concierge approach, along with proven methodologies and experience to drive growth, improve performance and enhance leadership capabilities customized to the needs of your organization. They have sat in the seats of CEO, CHRO and CAO and faced many of the same challenges as their clients. Thanks to years of experience, they are well positioned to support executives and boards as they use their expertise to make tough decisions, and lead through change.

Professional services include:

  • Fractional/Short-term C-Suite Services – Part-time/temporary expert leadership or partnership to leadership in order to develop strategy or maintain business operations.
  • Organizational Assessment – (people, processes, finance/capital, technology) to gain a better understanding of current state, identify gaps, and effectively plan for priorities/investments. As needed, executive coaching and succession planning.
  • Landscape Analysis – Includes external research around competition, demand, funding, to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.
  • HR Gap Analysis (compliance, systems, strategy & structure) to identify gaps, ensure compliance, and align the critical function of human resources to company strategy. As needed, coaching/succession planning.
  • Compensation (philosophy, strategy, design) – ensures competitiveness, compliance, equity, and retention strategies.
  • Board Development (Governance vs. Operations) – best practices, goals/strategies, recruiting, orientating, training, and retaining members.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Support to CEO/ED, Board, HR to ensure due diligence in the integration of people, processes, culture & systems.
  • Leadership Gap/Succession Planning – Bridge the vacancy in leadership to ensure long-term success of the business/mission or proactively plan for talent development for future preparation.

True North Executive Solutions offers a collaborative approach with their clients that can be customized to meet unique business needs. Their mission is to be a trusted, strategic partner to dramatically improve organizational effectiveness and financial viability.

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About Christina Gullo
Christina is an experienced executive and goal-driven leader with over 20 years of experience and with a passion for making a difference. Exceptionally skilled in strategy planning/execution, leadership development, board governance, and human resources. Adept at developing important collaborative relationships both internally and with external partners. Experience includes fiscal turnaround, development of strategic plans, transformational leadership, and aligning the company to meet client/ community needs, while reducing expenses and driving inefficiencies out of the organization. Christina has an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology and an MSW from Marywood University. She holds Sr. Professional in HR Certification and Senior Certified Professional.

About Michelle Lee
Michelle has more than 20 years experience in Human Resources and operations, specifically in nonprofit. She is experienced in supporting organizational transformation through Human Resources and executing on the hard decisions. Proven ability as a strategic partner and leader across multiple programs/services, with expertise at quickly aligning and operationalizing the strategy and structure of Human Resources with that of the organization. Michelle has experience in creating efficiencies through automation and integration of systems, compensation, regulatory and legal compliance, change management, leadership development, risk management and more. Michelle holds a Master of Science in Management from Robert’s Wesleyan College, with a focus on strategic leadership.


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