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Geared for Growth: Connecting Providers and Patients Through Telehealth Solutions

March 13, 2024 helps connect patients and doctors around the world with flexibility and ease through their special telehealth video platform. Paige Treadway, Senior Business Success Manager, was featured on Geared for Growth on Wednesday, March 13th as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with FOX Rochester/13WHAM. Treadway discussed the company’s unique software platform, their business growth locally and around the world, and why the Greater Rochester region is the perfect place for their business to grow. is a telehealth solution that provides healthcare providers a secure and HIPAA-compliant

video platform to meet with patients regardless of geographical barriers. The software enables patients to meet with their providers without needing to download any additional programs onto their devices and is fully functional through a web browser. Provider plans start at no cost, with a focus on ease and convenience and a plethora of customization features. “We focus on ease of use, security, and privacy for both provider and patients. All the patients need is a device with WiFi connection to meet with their provider,” Treadway explained.

The company has experienced rapid growth since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Paige explained that prior to the pandemic, they were working with 80,000 providers, which exploded to 700,000 providers during the pandemic. Now, they are working with over 1 million providers in 176 countries around the world. “We are committed to the mission of getting healthcare in the hands of patients,” Treadway noted. She also shared that they are already working with a lot of providers in the Greater Rochester area.

When asked why the Greater Rochester region is a great place to grow their business, Treadway explained, “Rochester is a place for growth and innovation, and you can see missions come to life and goals be achieved here.” Over the next five years, she hopes the company will continue to grow and expand to enable more and more individuals to easily connect to medicine and improve their lives. “Telehealth is the future, and it is our vision that in the next five years everyone will have access to telemedicine,” she explained.

To learn more about, visit their website and ask your provider to explore the solutions they can offer.

To hear more exciting stories about member businesses in the Greater Rochester region, be sure to tune into FOX Rochester every Wednesday at 8:45 AM to catch every segment of Geared for Growth.


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