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Diverse Group of Association, Business, and Labor Leaders Announce Citizens for Responsible Power Coalition

February 26, 2024
Coalition Aims to Educate New Yorkers on What Government-Controlled Power Would Mean for the Local Community, Economy, and Clean Energy Initiatives

Rochester, NY - A group of associations, local businesses, and labor unions launched a campaign today to educate New Yorkers on the facts, realities, and impacts of a government-run and controlled power system. The 14 founding members of Citizens for Responsible Power support maintaining the responsible expertise of current energy and service providers in New York State.

In November 2023, the Monroe County Legislature acted on a proposal to fund $1 million of a $1.5 million taxpayer-funded public utility study. The proposal was rightfully defeated 17-12. This local action followed resounding defeat of a statewide referendum pertaining to government-controlled power in Maine.

As discussions around a transition to government-controlled power continue in 2024, Citizens for Responsible Power is adamantly urging lawmakers in Monroe County to reject the advancement of this study and maintain the region’s current expert utility providers.

Statement from Citizens for Responsible Power Coalition: “At one of the final meetings of the Monroe County Legislature in 2023, members fast-tracked a proposal for a $1 million taxpayer-funded public utility study for consideration. Fortunately, common sense prevailed, and the proposal was defeated. However, months later, the misguided pursuit of a public-power takeover continues.

“The push for government-controlled power by a small group of loud voices in Monroe County would require using billions of taxpayer dollars to purchase assets and infrastructure from our local utility, RG&E. In addition to this robbery, the unsubstantiated proposal to hand the reins of a private business led by industry experts over to the government would disrupt the lives of more than 800 employees. These are real people within our community who rely on job security to support their families. The only way to protect our wallets and our grid is by keeping government out of the equation.

“The fundamental goal of our coalition is to educate representatives and residents of Monroe County on the realities of government-controlled power. From costs to community impacts, an undertaking of this size would come with a multi-billion-dollar price tag and put the reliability and security of our power grid at risk. We adamantly urge local lawmakers to reject the advancement of the taxpayer-funded study and maintain the county’s current expert utility providers.”

About Citizens for Responsible Power
Citizens for Responsible Power is a non-partisan coalition of associations, businesses, and labor unions advocating for common-sense and fiscally responsible policies both at the local and state levels, that support the reliability, security, and advancement of New York State’s power grid. Stay connected on Twitter and Facebook @Ctzns4RespPwer and learn more at:

Founding members include:

  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABCNYS)
  • Certified Grinding, Inc.
  • Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
  • IBEW Local 10
  • IBEW Local 36
  • Laborers’ Local 435
  • New York Propane Gas Association
  • Patriot Design & Consulting
  • Red Rock 1886
  • Roc Recycling Company
  • Rochester Home Builders Association
  • Rochester Technology & Manufacturing Association (RTMA)
  • Third Eye Design
  • Upstate United (UU)


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