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September 2023 Monthly Federal Budget Review Published by Congressional Budget Office

October 11, 2023

Congressional Budget Office - WikipediaThe Congressional Budget Office (CBO) published the September 2023 Monthly Federal Budget review on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. Each month, CBO issues an analysis of federal spending and revenues for the previous month and the fiscal year to date. In keeping with CBO’s mandate to provide objective, impartial, and non-partisan analysis, this report makes no recommendations.

This month, the report includes information about the federal budget deficit as it relates to timely topics including student debt cancellation, Social Security, Medicare, and more. Four reasons why this report is important, not just this month, but each month are below:

  1. Transparency: The Monthly Budget Overview Report promotes transparency by making crucial financial information accessible to the public, policymakers, and analysts. This transparency is essential for maintaining public trust and ensuring that citizens can hold their government accountable.
  2. Fiscal Responsibility: By presenting the fiscal health of the nation, the CBO report encourages fiscal responsibility. Policymakers can use the data to make informed decisions and take appropriate measures to address budgetary challenges.
  3. Economic Insight: These monthly reports offer insights into the broader economic climate, helping economists and financial experts to gauge the nation's financial direction and anticipate potential issues or opportunities.
  4. Legislative Impact: The information in the report is often used to evaluate the consequences of proposed legislation, ensuring that lawmakers have a clear understanding of the fiscal implications of their decisions.


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