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Chamber News Release

Greater Rochester Chamber Statement on Asylum Seeker Arrival

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Bob Duffy has released the following statement in response to Monroe County Executive Adam Bello's statement earlier today regarding the arrival of 77 asylum seekers sent from New York City.


"Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce commends County Executive Bello for the humane manner in which he is responding to a crisis that local government has been forced to confront. We also support his call for a streamlined process for legitimate asylum seekers to obtain work permits. Access to high quality and reliable talent remains a priority for our region’s businesses, and we have the ability to turn this crisis into an opportunity for those seeking to work hard and create a better life for themselves and their families. If the federal government establishes a streamlined process for the acquisition of work permits for our new arrivals, Greater Rochester Chamber will immediately assist in connecting anyone eligible with job opportunities. We have thousands of open jobs and “help wanted” signs in our region. For anyone willing to work, they represent an opportunity for a new beginning."




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