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LaBella Introduces New Grid Capacity Evaluation Service

June 20, 2023

Don’t Let New Demands on an Old Grid Become a Power Struggle

ROCHESTER, NY – From housing to hospitals or bus stations to business districts - all new developments bring more power load to the grid. In the push for electrification, knowing what electrical service your project will require is only the beginning of project planning. The developing entity must also know if the grid will need to be modified, and account for funding if it does. An investigative analysis during the site evaluation process may be what prevents large, unplanned expenses to upgrade the grid later in the project process.

LaBella's energy team is introducing a new service to help facilitate energy delivery for new projects. Working on the cutting edge of the energy industry, the team works to develop solutions for clients that meet their needs in a resilient, efficient, and environmentally conscious manner. Some frequently asked questions about the new service are below:

When will we know if grid capacity is an issue for our project?
Without a grid capacity evaluation, the answer might be “too late in the design process.” LaBella works as a skilled intermediary for entities planning for development and utilities. Their team of power systems engineers perform a desktop review of the existing distribution system. By comparing the loading projections from the proposed development to the capacity of the grid, LaBella provides an evaluation that assesses grid support as it is and what, if any, improvements might be required.

What is the deliverable?
LaBella will prepare a comprehensive report containing a conceptual-level review and evaluation of distribution grid capacity. They draw on their extensive experience consulting with utilities and publicly available data. The company can also provide insight into improvements that may be required and an opinion of probable cost for implementing them.

How does the utility come in?
Any person or entity requesting a new electric service, whether for a new facility or an increased load on an existing facility, will need to provide the approximate ratings (a report of how much energy will be required from the grid) to obtain a ‘will-serve letter’ from the utility. A grid capacity evaulation occurs far earlier in the process, when LaBella's clients are assessing multiple sites, performing feasibility studies, and funding assessments.

For more information, please contact Anthony Sanganetti, PE Program Manager - Transmission & Distribution at (585) 295-6695.


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