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NYS Minimum Wage Poster for Miscellaneous Industries Not Yet Released

January 3, 2023

UPDATE: the rest of the new minimum wage posters were released later in the day on January 3. 

As of this writing, NYS has not yet released the new minimum wage poster for ‘miscellaneous industries’, which applies to many employers and reflects minimum wage changes as of 12/31/22. Once released, it can be found on the NYS minimum wage webpage. (scroll down to view/print posters)


An updated poster is also not yet available for home health aide (for profit). However new minimum wage posters have been released for the following: building services, hospitality, farm workers, apparel, and home health aide (nonprofit).


In addition, updated NYS minimum wage orders and summaries with rates as of 12/31/22 are not yet available but can be found here once released. The minimum wage orders and summaries include minimum wage, tip credits, the new exempt salary threshold for the executive and administrative exemption categories, etc. Employers are encouraged to check these NYS sites frequently for updated posters and information to ensure compliance.


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