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Chamber News Release

Brody Steward, Anika Das, Joey Potter Win National Civics Bee Qualifier in Rochester, NY

March 12, 2024

March 11, 2024 (ROCHESTER, NY) — Brody Steward from Victor Central Schools took first place at the National Civics Bee local qualifier in Rochester, NY, hosted by Greater Rochester Chamber in partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation and The Civic Trust. Anika Das (Eagle Hill Middle School) and Joey Potter (Gananda Middle School) rounded out the top three.

Scores were determined based on multiple choice quizzes and a final round of verbal arguments about civics topics of the students’ choice. To qualify, students submitted written essays on the same topics. Student topics included a range of issues important to them including local infrastructure, civil rights and LGBTQ+ representation, economic development, and more.

The National Civics Bee is an exciting opportunity extended to students in grades 6, 7, and 8, granting them a unique platform to demonstrate their civics knowledge. The competition enables students to explore issues that matter to their communities, furthering their understanding of civic engagement, fostering responsible citizenship, and reinforcing the future of our Greater Rochester region.

Steward, Das, and Potter will go on to represent the Greater Rochester region in the New York State qualifier for the National Civics Bee in Albany on May 30, hosted by the NYS Business Council. They will compete with other students from around the state to represent NYS at the national competition to win a $1,000 cash prize.

A full list of the nineteen finalists tonight is as follows:

  • Alfonzo Alletto,  Gates Chili Middle School
  • Anika Das, Eagle Hill Middle School
  • Brandon Davis, Jr., Gates Chili Middle School
  • Addison Edlund, Gananda Middle School
  • Samantha Jazylo, Gananda Middle School
  • Lyla Jones, LeRoy Jr-Sr High
  • Lucas Lam, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Dahlia Lathan, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Eliana Martinez McCullough, Gananda Middle School
  • Matthew McManus, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Gavin Miley, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Jadalynn Nieves, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Alyssa Olsheski, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Vaughn Panyasith, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Joey Potter, Gananda Middle School
  • Baraa Shaibi, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Brody Steward, Victor Central School
  • Love Whyte, Gates Chili Middle School
  • Jeffrey Williams, Gates Chili Middle School


The National Civics Bee is supported in part by Greater Rochester Chamber Foundation. To learn more, please visit


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