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Paying Too Much for Harassment Prevention Training? Save with Mineral Learn!

November 22, 2022

As part of NYS’s Sexual Harassment Prevention rules, NYS employers are required to provide annual sexual harassment prevention training to employees.


To assist members with compliance, Greater Rochester Chamber offers a members only training solution through Mineral that meets all the NYS requirements, provides a wide variety of other useful courses, and is affordable. Plus set up is fast and easy.


The Mineral Learn upgrade package provides access to NYS compliant sexual harassment prevention training (one for employees and one for managers), as well as compliant training for the states of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, and Maine, and trainings in Spanish. A certificate is provided upon successful course completion. This comprehensive upgrade package only costs $1 per employee per month (billed quarterly; one year agreement required). This solution allows employers to train new hires immediately which helps ensure compliance sooner than later. And when someone leaves your company, you no longer pay for them in subsequent months.


In addition, the upgrade package includes access (at no additional cost) to the full Learn training module which gives you and your employees access to hundreds of other training courses including diversity, unconscious bias, customer service, OSHA/safety, and more. Plus, there is a custom course option that allows you to upload training courses you’ve developed internally, which allows you to track all your training courses in one place.


Many employers are paying $25 or more per employee for just the annual sexual harassment prevention training. That’s too much!  To illustrate the cost difference using our Mineral upgrade package, for a company with 200 employees, the Mineral investment would be $200 per month or $2,400 per year and members get access to a couple hundred courses plus custom course management. Compare that cost to a one-time harassment prevention training at $25 per employee for 200 employees, which is a total cost of $5,000 for just one training course, more than double the Mineral cost. Why pay more for less?


For members interested in a demo or for any questions on the Mineral Learn upgrade package, please contact Kathy Richmond at (585) 256-4618. She will respond on Monday when she returns to the office. To sign up, complete the order form here.


A reminder that all chamber member HR staff and/or management currently have access to the Mineral Compliance portal as a benefit of membership which includes the handbook builder (federal + 1 state), job description builder, Q&As, etc.


For members who would like to be added to, or have questions on, the complimentary Mineral Compliance portal that is part of your membership, please contact Kathy, Jennifer Suppé at (585) 256-4608, or Fernán Cepero at (585) 256-4606.


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