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Greater Rochester Chamber

Human Resources Services

Greater Rochester Chamber’s Human Resource Services department offer the data, information,
and programs your business needs to compete in today’s marketplace.

 We can help you stay up-to-date and in compliance with the ever-changing state and federal
labor laws and help you connect with your HR peers at other businesses.

Selected HR Services

HR Helpline

Receive personalized support and assistance from our expert team of HR professionals on any human resource-related question you may have with our HR Helpline.

Friday HR Briefings

Join us for complimentary sessions focusing on trending HR and business topics each month to make sure you’re up to date and in compliance.

HR Forums

Network with your HR peers to build a network of support. We offer forums for HR professionals based on experience and company size.

Benchmarking Surveys

Our annual benchmarking surveys provide valuable data on local & national compensation, benefits, and HR trends to ensure you stay competitive.

Ale Frame

"Optimax utilizes Greater Rochester Chamber in a multitude of ways from the support services. From an organizational standpoint, we've used Greater Rochester Chamber and the resources for a ton of different types of training. The ability to reach out to this network is really, really important."

Alejandro Mendoza, Director of HR, Optimax

"It is well worth your membership dues, you get far more out of it than you pay for it. For us, we're a small human resources so having Greater Rochester Chamber as an extension can help me with changes in laws, updates to handbooks, and just resources when something is new or changing. That in and of itself has been invaluable for us."

Kara Martin, Director of Human Resources, REDCOM Laboratories

Kara Frame

Membership Overview & Complementary Benefits

Greater Rochester Chamber membership can also help with other needs throughout your organization.
No matter what you need, we’re here to help.

Recruit & Retain Talent

Greater Rochester Chamber is the regional lead for talent strategy. We’re always working to address talent needs for local employers to connect talented people to meaningful careers.

Train Your Staff

You and your team can benefit from classes led by expert trainers including HR Management, Successful Supervision, Leadership for Managers, DEI Fundamentals, and more!

Make Connections

Greater Rochester Chamber offers a wide range of opportunities to connect with other members, including through networking receptions, member advertising services, and more.

Advocacy on your Behalf

When you’re a member, we have your back. Our goal is to advocate for an environment that promotes the success of our members and of our local economy.

We offer various membership tiers to best serve your business today, and prepare you for tomorrow.
Read more about membership, and let us get to work for you!

Ready to learn more?

Contact our team today to get started.


Kevin Donahue
Director, Membership


Kathy Richmond
Sr. Director, HR Services

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