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Chamber News Release

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce Partners with Monroe County to Administer RETAIN Program

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce a new partnership with Monroe County to administer the RETAIN program through its CampusROC initiative.

The RETAIN program, originally created by Monroe County to provide new graduates with financial incentives and support, focuses on the recruitment, retention, and networking of college students, trade school graduates, and recent graduates, ensuring more comprehensive support for young professionals in the region.

Since its inception in 2020, CampusROC has successfully interacted with over 50,000 students, placed more than 210 students in jobs, and organized over 30 events. With the integration of RETAIN, CampusROC aims to build on this success and provide even greater support to the next generation of professionals in the Greater Rochester area.

Barb Egenhofer, Greater Rochester Chamber Director of Talent Strategy, said, “OurCampusROC Logo goal with CampusROC has always been to create a nurturing environment for students and graduates. By partnering with Monroe County to administer the RETAIN program, we are not only increasing the financial incentives but also providing deeper connections and professional development opportunities that will help these young professionals thrive in the Greater Rochester area.”

Bob Duffy, Greater Rochester Chamber President and CEO, said, “This partnership with Monroe County is a significant step towards ensuring that our young professionals are supported and connected within our community. The integration of the RETAIN program into CampusROC will provide essential resources and opportunities that will help retain top talent in the Greater Rochester region.”

The new program has increased the grant amount to $4,000 per recipient, with $100,000 allocated in Year 1 to support 25 recipients and $200,000 in Year 2 to support 50 recipients. New graduates will now apply for the grant themselves, rather than relying on employers. The program prioritizes graduates who have secured employment at for-profit businesses in Monroe County with 100 or fewer employees, with a focus on minority and women-owned businesses and those in highly distressed zip codes. Eligible applicants include those who have graduated within one year from a college, university, or trade school located in Greater Rochester. 

The RETAIN program fosters a community environment to help graduates deepen their roots in the region, including opportunities for mentorship, coaching, and networking through various events. Participants will have access to professional development resources and potential mentorship in partnership with young professional networks. Additionally, it offers financial discounts to participants for facilities in Innovation Square and other local amenities. Key events will include a Welcome Event, a Family Weekend, professional networking opportunities, and an End of Year Celebration. 

Learn more about the program at If you are a recent graduate that meets the qualifications and are interested in applying to be part of our first cohort, contact Andrea Tuttle at


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