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Geared for Growth: Wilmac Technologies Helps Customers Help Customers with AI Technology in Greater Rochester and Globally

June 19, 2024

Wilmac Technologies helps their clients have better interactions with their customers through custom and software managed services. President & CEO Stephen McDonnell was featured on “Geared for Growth” on Wednesday, June 19th as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with 13WHAM/FOX Rochester. McDonnell shared more about what the company does, their investment in Greater Rochester, and how they’re using the newest technologies to keep customers happy.

Wilmac Technologies works with over 300 customers around the globe to provide software and services to improve customer interactions. “When you call your credit card, when you call a call center, our technology

is hopefully helping them help you,” McDonnell shared. More specifically, a key product is recording customer interactions and working on the back end to analyze the information and make the experience better for the customers. Wilmac provides solutions for organizations in a myriad of industries, including banking and financial services, 911 centers, retail, and more.

As a technology provider, Wilmac helps their clients stay on the cutting edge and utilize the best technology to solve their problems. Recently, this includes the use of artificial intelligence. He shared that for their clients, they have been using AI to aggregate data and get a better holistic view of a customer journey, which can then be used to optimize user experience. “After you hang up a call, you might chat or text with someone through different interactions,” McDonnell explained, “AI brings that all together and helps the customer. Hopefully, they do that with millions of interactions and find ways to better help you throughout your customer journey.”

Wilmac has been headquartered in and based out of Greater Rochester for the past 30 years. McDonnell shared that a key priority for the organization today is investing in the community they call home and expanding the work they do in our region. “We are really trying to put a focus on Rochester,” Stephen remarked. This includes strategic partnerships with RIT, the University of Rochester, local charities, and Greater Rochester Chamber. “We’re really trying to get our name out there, talk to companies in Rochester to make sure we’re doing business with each other and assisting the community,” he said.

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