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Chamber News Release

Greater ROC Relocate: Empowering Seamless Integration into Greater Rochester

May 20, 2024

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the launch of Greater ROC Relocate, a transformative initiative aimed at facilitating the relocation process for individuals and families looking to call the Greater Rochester region home. Formerly known as Greater ROC Remote, this program has undergone a significant evolution to widen  its reach, scope, and mission to a broader demographic.

Greater Rochester Chamber's talent strategy encompasses a holistic approach aimed at not only attracting skilled individuals but also fostering their long-term engagement and growth within the Greater Rochester community. Through ongoing initiatives and partnerships, Greater Rochester Chamber endeavors to cultivate a dynamic talent pool that fuels innovation and drives sustainable progress in Greater Rochester and beyond.

“With Greater ROC Relocate, we're able to support anyone looking to relocate, with comprehensive support and services to ensure a seamless transition into our vibrant community,” said Melanie DellaPietra, Greater ROC Relocate program manager.

Building on the success of the Greater ROC Remote program, which received over 4,000 applications from individuals representing all 50 states, Greater ROC Relocate aims to attract and support individuals and families from all walks of life. This will include personalized assistance, job placement support, community integration guidance, and more.

"We believe that by shifting our focus to a service-first approach, we can better serve the diverse needs of those looking to make Rochester their home," said Bob Duffy, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. “Greater ROC Remote demonstrated the demand that exists for individuals and families looking to move into our region. But attraction is only the first step. We want to make sure the talent we’re attracting is finding the support and connectivity it needs to thrive and put down roots in our region.”

Participants in Greater ROC Relocate may qualify for home buying incentives and bonuses tailored to their unique circumstances and motivations. While the program aims to attract and support talent from across the country, its ultimate goal is to foster genuine connections and community integration within the Greater Rochester region.

In conjunction with the launch of Greater ROC Relocate, Greater Rochester Chamber is also unveiling the Greater ROC Relocation Guide. This comprehensive guide, available for download at, serves as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations alike, providing essential information and insights to facilitate a smooth transition to the region.

For those interested in obtaining a printed copy of the Greater ROC Relocation Guide, please contact Shannon Ealy at


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