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Geared for Growth: Certainty Analytical Labs Grows Brands and Keeps New Yorkers Safe

April 17, 2024

Certainty Analytical Labs is keeping New Yorkers safe with specialty testing and analytics on cannabis products sold throughout New York State. Founder & CEO Dr. Brandy Young was featured on Geared for Growth on Wednesday, April 17th as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with FOX Rochester/13WHAM. Young discussed her expertise and background that led to the lab’s creation, its capabilities and specialties, and what her vision is for the future.

Certainly Analytical Lab was founded in 2021 after Dr. Young’s fifteen year career in testing and lab operations. “I am a scientist through and through,” she

shared. She said that when she saw the legalization of cannabis, she knew there would be a need in the industry and wanted to capitalize on it as soon as possible. “Testing happens in every industry,” she explained, “Your water gets tested, your food gets tested, the quality of your air gets tested, so it makes sense that our cannabis products would also get tested.”

Certainty Labs is the only certified testing lab for cannabis products in the Greater Rochester/Finger Lakes region, and one of only a handful statewide. “We are New York’s only female, Black owned and operated compliance testing lab,” she said. Certainty Labs uses state of the art technology to ensure things like heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful pathogens are not present in products sold in dispensaries. “We ensure that the cannabis products that are grown in the great state of New York are safe and certified,” Brandy explained.

Coming off of three years of growth, when asked what her hopes are for the next five years of Certainty Labs, Young said “We have a big vision.” More than just keeping people safe, she said their core mission is to empower emerging brands and help remove barriers for success for farmers and sellers. A unique differentiator for Certainty is their personal, consultative approach which helps newcomers navigate the strong regulatory requirements to get products in the hands of consumers. They are also working with other organizations throughout Greater Rochester to connect entrepreneurs to grant funding and other ways to help grow their business, which is something she hopes to see expanded moving forward.

To learn more about Certainty Analytical Labs, please visit their website.

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