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Geared for Growth: Tiny Fish Printing Makes a Mark on Greater Rochester and Around the World

March 20, 2024

Tiny Fish Printing is more than just a vendor for organizations they provide specialty printing services for, and act as a true partner. Founder & CEO Antonio Esteves was featured on Geared for Growth on March 20th as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with 13WHAM/Fox Rochester. Esteves discussed the company’s history and specialties, community partnerships in the Greater Rochester region, and their exciting expansions locally and around the globe.

Tiny Fish Printing is a high-end screen-printing company, specializing in complicated simulated process designs with up to 14 colors. They were

founded in Rochester in 2007 by Esteves and his business partner, and have grown to a team of over 45 people over the past 17 years as they continue to grow and find new ways to better serve their customers. “The idea of our name is that we’re a small fish helping other small fish in big ponds. As we’ve grown to a 45 employees, we’re still a small fish and are big enough to get the job done but small enough to care about the work,” Esteves explained. In addition to their main apparel printing and embroidery offerings, the company has expanded to offer additional services to help make the lives of their customers easier, including management of online stores, promotional products, and employee gifting programs.

The team at Tiny Fish invests a significant amount of time in getting to know their customers and truly partnering with them. “Most of our biggest customers, we are full 360 into the businesses. When we started, we wanted to bring a product to Rochester that was really customer focused through and through,” Antonio explained. He explained that for many of their customers, they meeting on a regular basis to review strategic opportunities and how to best integrate with Tiny Fish to meet their goals. Esteves shared that their goal is to really understand customers problems so they can help solve them.

Throughout the business’s history, they have expanded with the mindset of working with the Rochester community and local businesses. Antonio shared that this community-based mindset has helped their expansion not just locally, but opened doors around the world. “Our customers in Rochester have taken us all over. We have customers all the way down in Atlanta, and have worked with customers in The Bahamas, Australia, France, and it all started from our hub here in Rochester,” Esteves explained. He also shared the exciting news that they recently purchased a new, larger location that they will be moving into over the next five years to be able to provide even more services for customers.

To learn more about Tiny Fish Printing, visit their website or explore their Instagram @TinyFishPrinting.

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