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Geared for Growth: Classic Automation Keeps the World’s Production Running

February 14, 2024

Classic Automation ensures that manufacturing around the world runs smoothly. The organization’s President, Fritz Ruebeck, was featured on Geared for Growth on Wednesday, February 14th as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with 13WHAM/Fox Rochester. Ruebeck talked about what the organization does, their history under his leadership, and what’s next for the company following an exciting new expansion.

Classic Automation provides spare parts and repair systems for installed automation systems. “These systems control manufacturing machinery, chemical processes, as well as non-industrial applications such

as ski lifts, car washes, cruise ships, and rollercoasters,” Fritz explained. The company’s main business line is circuit board refurbishments. Fritz explained that the boards they work on are in computers that, unlike personal computing devices, are installed for up to 30 years and have a unique program that controls each specific type of equipment.

Ruebeck founded the company in 2003 out of his home, and they have experienced rapid growth in the 20+ years since. He shared that they started with “over 10,000 circuit boards in [his] home” before relocating to the city in 2006, and relocating again in Webster in 2013 where they operate at to this day. At their current location, they serve over 20,000 customers in over 110 different countries. Their team has continued to grow as well, now employing 65 people in the Greater Rochester region, with plans to hire more. “We’re always looking for technical people that can help us,” he noted.

When asked what’s next for the company, Fritz shared the exciting news of the completion of their new test facility expansion. This exciting new facility allows for greater ability to ensure their customers are getting the highest quality services.  “We require more space and more people to [provide quality service’,” he explained. Ruebeck also reinforced that they’re “always hiring,” looking for people with experience in factory automation or electrical knowledge.

To learn more about Classic Automation and roles they’re hiring for, visit

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