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Geared for Growth: Tri Tower Telecom Connects People and Devices Around the World

February 7, 2024

Tri Tower Telecom fosters connectivity between people and devices all around the globe through their suite of internet of things hardware and software solutions offered to customers. CEO, Alex Whitaker and Vice President of Business Development, Dan Farrance were featured on Geared for Growth on Wednesday, February 7th to discuss more about their work and clients as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with 13WHAM/Fox Rochester. Whitaker and Farrance shared more about the company’s history, the role they play in powering the internet and how they help their customers, and what role they’d like to play in the Greater Rochester region moving into the future.

Tri Tower Telecom was founded in 2009 in Rochester by Whitaker and his business partner Walter Van Leuven. “It started in his basement with a folding table, two chairs, and an idea,” Alex explained, “Our first employee was my associate’s cat.” Over the past fifteen years, they have grown to have a team of 40 employees and work with around 1,200 clients around the country and in other countries around the world. The duo also shared the exciting news that they recently acquired a 55,000-square-foot facility in Rochester to enable them to continue expanding their operations and better serve new and existing customers.

The company supplies products that enable data to be transferred between all kinds of objects that connect to the internet of things, from cell phone to cars. Farrance shared the role they play and how they help customers, explaining that they “take customer’s excess equipment that they take away to improve the speed of their network and try to find a new home for it to recoup some money, as a green initiative.” Each day, the company works to help remedy outages to ensure continual connectivity, in addition to larger strategic projects that help clients with transporting massive amounts data. “There’s so much data out there,” Whitaker noted.

When asked what’s next for the company coming off the heels of fifteen years of great growth, including five placements on the Greater Rochester Chamber Top 100 list and 3 rankings of the Inc. 5000, Alex noted that they’re looking to expand their network in the Greater Rochester region. “We’d love to do more at home, because we do a lot of our business outside of Rochester,” Alex explained, “We see significant growth in this area.” Dan also noted that they’re looking to reach as many telecommunications providers outside the region as possible as well, specifically noting Florida and Texas as regions with high growth potential.

To power this growth, Farrance shared that they’re looking to hire, “everyday, always”. They proudly noted that Tri Tower is a great place to work, saying “our culture is number one. Our whole team has a great rapport.” To learn more about the organization and what roles they have open, please see

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