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Geared for Growth: Flight Wine Bar Jazzes Up Rochester’s Corn Hill Neighborhood with Wine, Food, and Live Music

January 26, 2024

Flight Wine Bar is serving delicious wines and the Greater Rochester community with their expansive menu and exciting opportunities. Owner Susan Reuter was featured on Geared for Growth on Wednesday, January 24th to discuss more about the business as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with 13WHAM/Fox Rochester. Reuter shared more about what changes she has made to improve the bar since purchasing it last year, the ways they support local Finger Lakes vineyards, and what other opportunities the establishment is bringing to patrons in Greater Rochester now and moving forward. 

Susan Reuter purchased Flight Wine Bar in December 2022 and has worked to make the wine bar in Corn Hill even better. She shared that they have undergone a number of cosmetic changes in addition to bringing in a new expert staff, a new wine list, and adding exciting community events to their schedule with jazz music every Friday from 6:30 to 6:30 PM. “It’s been amazing, I’ve managed other wine bars in the past so to have my own is a whole new world. I get to make all the decisions,” she shared, “I’m friends with a lot of local jazz artists, so being able to add that has been amazing and the community has really supported it.” They will be updating their menu again this spring to continue to bring a premier selection of wines to their patrons. 

Reuter also shared that she works with a lot of local vineyards and wineries from the Finger Lakes region to uplift the whole Greater Rochester community. She noted in particular that they work with Cornell University, who grows grapes that specifically only grow in the Finger Lakes region. “I’m always looking for those varietals,” she explained. In addition to the support she provides to other organizations in our community by stocking plenty of local wines, she shared that she has received a lot of support from other organizations in Rochester. “The community has really supported us,
she said, “And, the Corn Hill neighborhood is really a small family so we all get along well and help each other out.” 

Outside of food, wine, and live music, there are several other exciting community activations happening at Flight this year. For example, this February, they are hosting a class all about NYS wines, which Susan noted “sold out immediately.” Looking to capitalize on this success and be able to provide more opportunities to excited customers, adding classes about wine tasting, wine and food pairing, and more parties for holidays and community events. When asked what to expect in the next five to ten years, capitalizing on their success over their first year under Susan’s ownership, she promised “a lot of fun things!” 

Learn more about Flight Wine Bar by visiting them online at or stopping by at 262 Exchange Blvd, Rochester, NY 14608. 

To hear more exciting growth stories from Greater Rochester Chamber members, tune in to FOX Rochester every Wednesday morning at 8:45 AM so you don’t miss any segments of Geared for Growth! 

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