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Geared for Growth: The Well Dressed Brand Designs Better Futures for Clients Through Value & Image Alignment

November 30, 2023

Toi Sweeney and The Well Dressed Brand are helping people to align their personalities and core values with their outward appearance to help build confidence and work to achieve a mission. President and CEO of The Well Dressed Brand, Toi Sweeney, was featured on “Geared for Growth” this week as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with 13WHAM. Sweeney discussed how to align your wardrobe with your professional environment to maximize success, an important mindset shift to help you achieve your goals, and other ways that Sweeney is spreading her word, locally and around the country.

“We help you to unleash the power of your wardrobe and lean into being truly and authentically yourself,"

Sweeney explained when asked what The Well Dressed Brand does for its clients. She explained that it goes much deeper than appearance, and that everything stems from a deep understanding of your unique core values. Aligning your core values to your personality, mission, vision, and finally, your image. “Confidence is a by product of all of those things together that really helps you push forward in a way from everybody else,” she shared. She also shared examples of how this concept can be used to advance you professionally. For example, blue is the color of trust so those looking to be taken more seriously in their roles can use blue to help convey that on a psychological level.

Sweeney explained how her work is different from motivational speaking, in that she works with clients who are already willing to put in the work and accept the changes that need to be made. For her, it is less about motivating people to set strong goals for themselves but more about finding the connection to those goals in different areas throughout an individual’s life. “If your foundation is strong and you really understand who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re trying to accomplish, everything you do from getting dressed in the morning to what you eat, needs to ask ‘is this getting be closer to my goal or is this getting me further away?’,” she said, “When you take on that mindset, it really shifts everything.”

In addition to her work at The Well Dressed Brand, Sweeney is also a best selling author with her book, titled Secrets of a Well Dressed Brand. “The book is really about leveling up your perceived value,” Sweeney explained, “People have to buy into you before they buy into your product, or to help you move forward in your career you have to understand that you are a brand.” Toi also hosts a show on Roku/Fire TV called Well Dressed Brand TV Show which allows her to spread her personal branding messaging on a national scale, live each week.

To hear about another story of how Greater Rochester Chamber members are making a difference throughout our community, tune into FOX Rochester again next Wednesday, December 6th at 8:45 for another segment of Geared for Growth.


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