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Decoding the Ballot: Post-Election Insight for Greater Rochester Chamber Members

November 13, 2023

Dear Members,

In the aftermath of last week's elections, we bring you an exclusive breakdown of the results that matter most to Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. This summary, prepared by our Chief of Staff, Marc Cohen, focuses on key races in Monroe County, Rochester, and beyond. While it doesn't cover every election, it provides a comprehensive overview of the outcomes that directly impact our business community.

Additionally, it will include the results of New York’s two ballot measures, prominent races from throughout New York, and highlight select noteworthy races and ballot measures from other states.


Monroe County Executive

Incumbent Monroe County Executive Adam Bello (D) beat his opponent, former Gates Supervisor Mark Assini (R) by a 61-39 margin.


Monroe County District Attorney

Incumbent Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley (R) won another term, running unopposed.


City of Rochester

In Rochester’s four District Council races, incumbents Michael Patterson (Northeast District) and LaShay Harris (South District) fended off challenges by working families party candidates to retain their seats. In the East District, incumbent Mary Lupien was unopposed, as was newcomer Bridget Monroe in the Northwest District.

Key: * = Incumbent; Bold = winner; R = Republican; D = Democrat; WF = Working Families

Northeast District: Michael Patterson* (D) Chiara Smith (WF)

Northwest District: Bridget Monroe (D) – Unopposed

East District: Mary Lupien* (D) – Unopposed

South District: LaShay Harris* (D) Barbara Rivera (WF)


Monroe County Legislature

Democrats won 16 of the County’s 29 legislative districts giving them a two-vote majority. Among the closely watched races was the rematch between incumbent Dave Long and former Legislature President Joe Carbone, in which Long emerged the victor by a margin of 55-45. Newcomer Lystra McCoy won over incumbent Sean Delehanty 52-48, incumbent Paul Dondorfer won over Democrat Mel Callan 51-49, and incumbent Democrat Michael Yudelson won over his Republican Challenger Ethan Greene 56-44. Two years ago, Democrats won 15 of the County’s 29 legislative districts giving them a one seat majority. In return for their commitment to elect her as president of the legislature, Democratic Legislator Sabrina LaMar made the decision to caucus with the Republicans, thereby giving them the majority. Legislator LaMar lost her primary election to Rose Bonnick which, along with retaining a handful of competitive seats and net-gaining one seat, gives Democrats a two-seat majority.

District 1: Blake Keller* (R) - Unopposed

District 2: Jackie Smith* (R) - Unopposed

District 3: Tracy DiFlorio* (R) Marvin Stepherson (D)

District 4: Virginia McIntyre (R) Rita Pettinaro (D)

District 5: Richard Milne* (R) Terry Daniele (D)

District 6: Sean McCabe* (R) – Unopposed

District 7: Kirk Morris* (R) - Unopposed

District 8:: Mark Johns* (R) Michael DiTullio (D)

District 9: Paul Dondorfer* (R) Mel Callan (D)

District 10: Howard Maffucci* (D) Nancy Lewis (R)

District 11: John Baynes* (D) – Unopposed

District 12: Steve Brew* (R) – Unopposed

District 13: Michael Yudelson* (D) Ethan Greene (R)

District 14: Susan K. Hughes Smith* (D) Pat Reilly (R)

District 15: Frank Ciardi (R) - Unopposed

District 16: Dave Long* (D) Joe Carbone (R)

District 17: Rachel Barnhart* (D) - Unopposed

District 18: Lystra McCoy (D) Sean Delehanty* (R)

District 19: Tom Sinclair (R) - Unopposed

District 20: Robert Colby* (R) Jaime Erskine-Pettit (D)

District 21 Santos Cruz (D) Oscar Brewer (WF)

District 22 Mercedes Simmons* (D) - Unopposed

District 23: Linda Hasman* (D) - Unopposed

District 24 Albert Blankley* (D) - Unopposed

District 25: Carolyn Hoffman* (D) - Unopposed

District 26: Yversha Roman* (D) - Unopposed

District 27: Rose Bonnick (D) David Ferris (R)

District 28: Ricky Frazier* (D) - Unopposed

District 29: William Burgess (D)* – Unopposed


Ballot Proposals

There were two ballot proposals New Yorkers were faced with this election. Monroe County voters accepted both proposals. The below results represent Monroe County votes cast: Proposal One, an Amendment Removal of Small City School Districts From Special Constitutional Debt Limitation, passed 65-35. Proposal Two, an Amendment Extending Sewage Project Debt Exclusion From Debt Limit, passed 69-31.


Town of Irondequoit Supervisor

Democratic challenger Andrae Evans won against Republican incumbent Rory Fitzpatrick by a margin of 52-48. Two years ago, Fitzpatrick upset then County Legislator Joe Morelle Jr. by 76 votes.


Other Notable New York Races

In Erie County, County Executive Mark Poloncarz won a fourth term against Republican Challenger Chrissy Casilio.


Notable National Races and Ballot Measures

Incumbent Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear won reelection against his opponent, Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Ohio voters rejected a 6-week ban on abortion voting overwhelmingly to enshrine protections for reproductive health services, including abortion, in the state constitution. Ohio voters also passed measure 2 which makes legal recreational cannabis. Democrats in Virginia retained control of the State Senate and won a majority in the House of Delegates.


As members of Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, staying abreast of political developments is crucial to navigating our business landscape effectively. Thank you for your continued commitment to the success and growth of our region.


The Greater Rochester Chamber Team


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