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Brand-Building Firm, 29 Design Studio is Now Agency 29

October 10, 2023

Rochester, NY, October 10, 2023 – 29 Design Studio, a leader in food, beverage, and agriculture marketing in Upstate New York, has rebranded to Agency 29. The seed for the firm was planted sixteen years ago when the agency began as a freelance effort to provide design services to clients in all industries.

“Growing up on a farm showed me the value of hard work,” says Founder + CEO, Maureen Ballatori. “It hasn’t always been easy but growing this agency, this dream of helping food, beverage, and agriculture brands grow, has become an incredible, tangible reality.”

The last big change the agency made was in 2020 when the firm niched down to focus on the food, beverage, and agriculture industries. This identity refresh marks a milestone in the agency’s history. In the last decade, Maureen has gone from party-of-one to a full-service team of creative brand-builders.

Courtney Carroway joined the team in 2018 as Art Director after working with larger agencies serving international brands including Olay, Pampers, and Starbucks. “I went from very corporate boardrooms to touring dairy farms, food manufacturers, and rows of grapes at vineyards,” she said. “It has been so rewarding to work with businesses run by families and entrepreneurs right here in our region – helping to increase their visibility nationally and globally.”

Agency 29 now provides a full range of branding, marketing, and creative services, using business intelligence, strategic insights, and purposeful creativity to foster growth for food, beverage, and agriculture brands.

“Truly great brands are more than beautiful creative,” Maureen said. “We work with exceptionally engaged clients, businesses who are making a difference in their communities and feeding families. Their products, services - their voices - are needed and we help them be heard in a crowded marketplace.”

The award-winning, WBE-certified agency has worked with local, national, and international brands, from Fee Brothers, based in Rochester, to ProAgni, based in Australia, and many organizations in between. The agency’s work has been recognized by the National Agri-Marketing Association, the American Marketing Association, the Public Relations Society of America, and many others.

“This updated brand feels like us. Agency 29 is who we are. It’s the evolution of this team constantly working to push the envelope to do better and be better,” said Maureen. “This agency is where it is because of who we work with.”


Agency 29 works with food, beverage, and agriculture brands leveraging strategic insights and thoughtful marketing to create measurable change. The agency has offices in Rochester, NY, and Geneva, NY.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Maureen Ballatori at or 315-332-1717.


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