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Wilmac Becomes Wilmac Technologies; Announces New Website and Branding

July 25, 2023
Company Growth and Core Values Key Drivers in Upgrade

Rochester, New York: Wilmac Technologies is excited to unveil its new name, website, and branding to reflect the company’s growth and live by their core value of “clarity in communication.” The transition formally occurred today with the launch of the new site and change in branding.

President and CEO Steve McDonnell said of the change: “One thing we’ve always struggled with as a company is clearly stating what we do and what we can offer businesses with our Communications Recording and Customer Experience technologies. We’ve established ourselves as a professional services staple in the industry and with the success of our software development with our data archiving solution, it was time to make the investment in a new website and fresh, exciting branding.”

This growth-oriented mindset has emanated from McDonnell throughout the entire company, as they’re on track to have one of their best-performing years ever. The announcement comes amid a fiscal year packed with business changes, but aligns well with the freshness, professionalism, and vitality that Wilmac Technologies is showcasing.

The decision to change the name from “Wilmac” to “Wilmac Technologies” was made to maintain the company’s reputation while also bringing clarity to those who have never heard of the company. The name “Wilmac” originally came from the company’s founder, William McDonnell.

The new website spans over 40 pages, explaining Wilmac Technologies’ areas of expertise, their solutions, services, and associated products. Another crucial addition to the site is the comprehensive overview of their history that shows their experience and development alongside the technology they sell along with their emphasis on creating a positive and fulfilling culture for their team.

“We’re excited to launch this new website and branding to further establish our credibility in the market,” Director of Marketing Emily Miller states. “We’re in a unique position as both a Professional Services provider and software developer, so we want to effectively portray that in our marketing.”

Wilmac Technologies worked with Rochester-based marketing agency True Creative to launch the new site. The new website and fresh look is just the start of the vision McDonnell has for Wilmac Technologies.


About Wilmac Technologies
Wilmac Technologies is a premier global provider of sales, professional services, and support for the world’s most widely used Communications Recording and Customer Experience technologies. Wilmac Technologies’ Cloud Contact Center, Communications Compliance, and Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) solutions are powered by best-of-breed products and dedicated sales and support teams. Through its own development, partnerships, and leading vendors, Wilmac Technologies is committed to providing customized solutions for every customer, regardless of industry type or business size. Wilmac Technologies’ experience and expertise serves a variety of industries in North America including regulated institutions (financial services, healthcare, insurance), Contact Centers, and Public Safety Organizations.


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