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Geared for Growth: CAUSE + EFFECT Strategy Provides Intelligence and Clarity in a Data-Driven World

July 12, 2023

John Loury, President of CAUSE + EFFECT Strategy, was featured on “Geared for Growth” on Wednesday, July 12th as part of Greater Rochester Chamber’s ongoing partnership with 13WHAM. CAUSE+EFFECT is a business intelligence and analytics consulting firm based in the city of Rochester. Loury shared how the firm helps their clients “use data to make better decisions” for their businesses.

CAUSE+EFFECT Strategy works with all kinds of companies to make a variety of decisions, including those related to like hiring, marketing, investment, and more. Loury said, “We help them to support their decision making with data.” In its nearly ten years of operation, CAUSE+EFFECT has helped companies of all sizes, from small business all the way to up to international brands. “Data is really an essential tool for growth,” John shared when talking about how C+E can help small businesses local to Rochester.

John shared that the first step to working with clients on a new project is to work backwards and first, they must really understand the business and its goals. Since the world we live in today is so rich in data, it’s important to understand what a business is trying to achieve to understand what specific data will help support a company’s aspirations. “Data is the second most valuable asset that a company has behind its people,” Loury remarked. “It’s all about how we weave the data in as automated a way as possible to supply decision based intelligence in as real-time as possible.”

CAUSE+EFFECT Strategy works with several local clients to the Greater Rochester region to help them grow their businesses and uplift the Greater Rochester economy as a whole. Loury shared that some of their local clients include Monro, Inc., Delta Sonic, and Isaac Heating and Cooling. For Isaac Heating and Cooling, the firm has helped optimize their marketing spend and find data that helps showcase ROI for different marketing methods and placements.

Tune into FOX Rochester on Wednesday, July 19th at 8:45 AM to see our next “Geared for Growth” interview!


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