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Unforgettable Moments and an Economic Boost: Recapping the PGA Championship at Oak Hill

The PGA Championship is not only a celebrated event in the world of golf but also an opportunity for local communities to showcase their hospitality, passion, and economic prowess. This year, the prestigious tournament took place at the historic Oak Hill Country Club in the heart of Greater Rochester from May 15-21, 2023. Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to reflect on the unforgettable moments and economic impact that unfolded during this remarkable event.


A Welcoming Spectacle

As golf enthusiasts and spectators descended upon Greater Rochester, they were met with warm smiles, impeccable organization, and a truly unforgettable experience. The PGA of America, in collaboration with local businesses, volunteers, and officials, worked tirelessly to create an inviting and memorable atmosphere for visitors from around the globe.


Oak Hill Country Club: A Storied Venue

Oak Hill Country Club's East Course, with its lush fairways and challenging greens, provided the perfect backdrop for the PGA Championship. Known for its rich history, the club has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments, including multiple U.S. Opens and Ryder Cups. This year, Oak Hill once again proved why it is revered among the finest golfing venues worldwide.


Economic Impact

The PGA Championship brought with it a substantial economic impact, as golf fans from far and wide flocked to Greater Rochester. The influx of visitors provided a tremendous boost to the local economy, benefiting hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, and various other businesses. It is estimated that the tournament generated $200 million in revenue for the region, while also creating job opportunities for the community.


Showcasing Local Talent

In addition to the excitement surrounding the PGA Championship itself, Greater Rochester had the chance to highlight its local talent and resources. The Taste NY tent on the Oak Hill grounds offered attendees a taste of the region's unique flavors and craftsmanship. This spotlight on local businesses not only fostered economic growth but also created a sense of pride within the community. Governor Kathy Hochul herself even stopped by to say a few words and catch some world-class golf.


Collaboration and Community Spirit

The successful execution of an event of this magnitude would not have been possible without the unwavering support and collaboration of various stakeholders. The PGA of America worked hand in hand with the Chamber, city officials, law enforcement agencies, and dedicated volunteers to ensure a seamless experience for both players and spectators. The collective efforts and community spirit demonstrated during the PGA Championship showcased the exceptional unity and camaraderie of Greater Rochester.


Leaving a Lasting Legacy

The impact of hosting the PGA Championship will extend far beyond the tournament's conclusion. The exposure gained through international media coverage will undoubtedly place Greater Rochester on the radar of future visitors, golf enthusiasts, and even potential investors. This newfound attention will serve as a catalyst for further economic development, tourism, and growth within the region.


As much as it was for the weekend's winner Brooks Koepka, the PGA Championship at Oak Hill was a resounding success for Greater Rochester, leaving an indelible mark on the local community and the world of golf. As Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce reflects on this remarkable event, we celebrate the economic impact, the collaboration among stakeholders, and the opportunity to showcase the region's unique offerings. The memories created and the legacy left behind by the PGA Championship will continue to resonate, ensuring a brighter future for Greater Rochester and its residents.


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