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Governor Kathy Hochul Energizes the PGA Championship at Oak Hill

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce was thrilled to share the exciting news of Governor Kathy Hochul's visit to the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club. As the Governor graced this prestigious golfing event, her presence brought attention to the economic impact generated by the tournament while highlighting the region's unique flavors and craftsmanship at the Taste NY tent.


An Economic Powerhouse

Governor Kathy Hochul's visit to the PGA Championship was a testament to her commitment to economic growth and development in Greater Rochester. The tournament's arrival brought a substantial boost to the local economy, attracting golf enthusiasts from near and far. The Governor's presence emphasized the importance of such events in fostering economic opportunities, job creation, and increased revenue for the region.


Showcasing Local Flavors and Craftsmanship

The Taste NY tent, an integral part of the PGA Championship experience, provided a platform to showcase Greater Rochester's culinary delights and local artisans. Governor Hochul's visit to this unique space highlighted the region's vibrant food and beverage industry, promoting the rich diversity and quality of local products. By supporting these local businesses, the Governor underscored the importance of celebrating and sustaining the community's entrepreneurial spirit.


Collaboration for Success

Governor Kathy Hochul's attendance at the PGA Championship exemplified the spirit of collaboration among various stakeholders.  The PGA of America, in partnership with Oak Hill, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, city officials, and volunteers, worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for both players and spectators. The Governor's presence reinforced the unity and collective efforts of the community in organizing and hosting this world-class event.


Inspiring Future Opportunities

The Governor's visit to the PGA Championship at Oak Hill was an important one for Greater Rochester. Her support and endorsement of the event have elevated its profile, attracting national and international attention to the region. This increased exposure will inspire future visitors, golf enthusiasts, and potential investors to explore the countless opportunities available in Greater Rochester, thus contributing to its long-term economic growth and prosperity.


A Brighter Future

As the PGA Championship at Oak Hill concluded, Governor Kathy Hochul's visit serves as a beacon of hope for the future of Greater Rochester. Her presence reinforced the region's resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to fostering economic development and showcasing its vibrant culture. The Chamber of Commerce applauds the Governor's support and looks forward to continued collaboration in creating a prosperous future for Greater Rochester and its residents.


Governor Kathy Hochul's visit to the PGA Championship at Oak Hill not only highlighted the economic impact of the tournament but also brought attention to the region's diverse culinary offerings and local artisans. The event served as a testament to the collective efforts of the community, emphasizing the spirit of collaboration in our region. As Greater Rochester continues to build on this success, the Governor's support and endorsement pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future. Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce extends its gratitude to Governor Kathy Hochul and all those involved in making this event a resounding success.


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