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Rochester Eclipse Task Force Meeting on March 22 & More Info!

March 14, 2023
The Total Solar Eclipse is now exactly 13 months away! The mission is to make sure that everyone under the sun—both local residents and the 375,000-500,000 visitors who will be arriving in our area in less than 400 days—is prepared to make the most of the experience. It's time to start preparing in earnest!

Upcoming meetings

March 22nd at 4 PM: Rochester Eclipse Task Force meeting: Join us in person at the RMSC in the museum or on Zoom. We appreciate pre-registration, as it allows us to plan ahead. We'll be sharing BIG announcements at this meeting as we prepare for the 1-year-out mark until the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse right here in Rochester.

Other important dates for your calendar:

Thursday, April 6, 10 AM: 1-year-out press conference at the RMSC. This will be held on April 6 rather than April 8 due to April 8 being the day before Easter.

Tyler Nordgren's artTuesday, April 11, 5 PM- 7 PM: Eclipse art reception at Mendon 64. Eclipse artist Tyler Nordgren's art will be on display at Mendon 64 the entire month of April; the exhibit will be traveling to different locations throughout our area for the following year. The reception will include hors d'oevres and a cash bar.

Saturday, April 15th, 6:30 PM -10:30 PM: RMSC After Dark: Galatic Getdown “Yuri’s Night”. Come join the giant space party celebrated around the world! This After Dark celebrates being less than 1 year from the Eclipse and Yuri Gagarin, the first human who ventured into space when he completed an orbit around earth aboard the Vostok 1 capsule on April 12, 1961.

Help celebrate the 1-year countdown!

Help Celebrate the 1-Year Countdown Mark!The one-year countdown for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is almost here! During the 5-10 days before or after April 8, be sure to go outside at 3:20 PM (the time of eclipse totality), and take a photo of where the sun is located.

We would love for you to share the photos with us on social media using @ROCSolarEclipse and the hashtag #RocEclipse2024 to get the Greater Rochester Region aware of and excited for 2024. We’ll be sharing some of our favorites on April 8th. If you’re not on social media, please feel free to send them to

As a reminder, PLEASE DO NOT DIRECTLY LOOK AT THE SUN WITH YOUR EYES! It is never safe to stare directly at the bright disk of the Sun.

Interested in bulk ordering eclipse glasses/solar viewers?

The RMSC is taking names for pre-orders for eclipse glasses. We'll be unveiling the design for the glasses on April 6th, so keep your eyes peeled (and protected!).

You can officially buy your own copy of the Rochester Total Solar Eclipse poster and other eclipse swag at the RMSC! Want to order directly online, you can directly buy them from Tyler Nordgren.

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