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Background Screening: Reduce your risk when hiring in 2023

January 3, 2023

In today's competitive hiring environment, using background screening services can help businesses make informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of liability. Some specific benefits of using background screening services include:

  • Improved safety: Conducting background checks on job candidates can help businesses identify potential safety risks and protect their employees and customers. For example, a background check might reveal that a candidate has a criminal record that could pose a risk to others in the workplace.
  • Enhanced trust: By conducting background checks, businesses can demonstrate to their employees, customers, and the public that they are committed to hiring trustworthy individuals. This can help build trust in the business and its brand.
  • Risk reduction: Hiring employees without conducting proper background checks can expose businesses to a number of risks, such as legal liability if an employee engages in inappropriate behavior or financial losses due to theft or embezzlement. Conducting background checks can help businesses avoid these types of risks.
  • Improved productivity: Hiring employees who have a history of reliability and good performance can help improve productivity and reduce turnover. Background checks can help businesses identify candidates with strong work histories and positive references.

Greater Rochester Chamber is proud to offer background and drug screening services to businesses across the nation through our Authentica business division. With 25 years of experience, accuracy, compliance, data security, competitive pricing and turnaround times, and exceptional service from a hometown team, Authentica can help provide you with peace of mind for your business.


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