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Salvation Army Calls for Rochester Support As They Respond To Hurricanes Ian and Fiona

October 4, 2022

Compounding disaster preparation and response efforts make community donations vital


September 28, 2022 - The Salvation Army is preparing resources and personnel to meet the immediate needs of survivors and first responders ahead of Hurricane Ian’s potentially historic landfall in Florida. Ian comes just days after Hurricane Fiona ravaged Puerto Rico, where The Salvation Army is continuing to serve.


Today, Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 storm on the west coast of Florida. If Hurricane Ian stays on its projected path, it will mark the first direct impact of a hurricane in the area since 1921. Main concerns include a heavy storm surge leading to severe flooding conditions along the coastline. With the entire state of Florida now under a state of emergency and about 1 million residents planning to evacuate ahead of landfall, The Salvation Army is positioning resources and personnel to respond to widespread need as efficiently as possible.


“Mobile feeding units and disaster response teams are prepared to respond along the Florida coast,” said Maureen Hill, Community Relations for The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester . “This storm has the potential to bring impacts to the area not seen for nearly a century. With the public’s generous support, we will be able to serve this community for as long as we are needed.”


On the second front of the recent explosion of hurricane activity, The Salvation Army is continuing to meet the needs of Hurricane Fiona survivors and first responders in Puerto Rico by providing various items from the mainland to Puerto Rico, including meals, clean-up kits, hygiene kits, etc. Trained Salvation Army emergency response teams are on the ground in with meals, water, and other services.


“Disaster relief is always about the long game. It’s about helping people to get their homes and their communities rebuilt.” said Captain Kathryn Eisley, Rochester Salvation Army Corps Officer. “It’s also about providing long-term emotional and spiritual care to disaster survivors, as sometimes the recovery on the inside can be harder than the recovery on the outside.”


Ian Prep/Initial Response includes 37 canteens (mobile feeding units) and one field kitchen ready to mobilize across the impacted area immediately after the worst effects of the storm are realized.

A caravan with over 6,000 pre-made meals and begin feeding Saturday.


The Salvation Army is already serving evacuees at a few of their shelters in Florida. Two major warehouses in Tampa, Florida and McDonough, Georgia (near Atlanta) are being prepped with food, water, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and anything else that will be needed by the thousands of people in the storm’s path.


One hundred percent of designated disaster donations go to direct services for survivors and first responders services in Florida and Puerto Rico. If you'd like to help those suffering from the effects of this week’s hurricanes with a dedicated donation, call 585-754-9919 or donate online here:


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