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Ibero-American Action League convenes to address Puerto Rico state of emergency after the passing of Hurricane Fiona

September 20, 2022

PR Unidos, volunteers, and community leaders step up to engage on relief efforts.


ROCHESTER, NY (SEPTEMBER 19, 2022) Over 20 inches of heavy rain, high winds, a complete power outage, and destructive flooding is the result of the passing of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico. After only five years of recovery attempts from Hurricane Maria, the island is in crisis and in emergency need of relief. Ibero-American Action League is inviting community leaders and organizations to join the conversation to strategically plan in solidarity to Puerto Rico and other territories possibly affected by Fiona, a category one hurricane. The meeting is convened at Ibero’s Community Resource Center located at 216 Clifford Avenue on Monday, September 19 at 3:30 pm.

After Hurricane Maria, Ibero helped closely to 5,000 people from Puerto Rico; and received 180 families that arrived steady after the earthquakes until the pandemic hit. The devastation will continue as flooding, mud slides and erosion are the main concern. The agency understands this opportunity may call for engaging on similar efforts. Ibero will be preparing to support efforts like those of Puertorriqueños Unidos en la Distancia, United in the Distance to get supplies to the island.

“Hopefully, things will resolve themselves quickly on the island and this doesn’t create another mass exodus. Nevertheless, we must be prepared as this has been a long journey for many Puerto Ricans, many who had not fully recovered, and might have lost whatever they had left” said Angelica Perez-Delgado, president, and CEO of Ibero.

Ibero-American Action League extends the invitation to all organizations and community members to join our conversation to plan and support local efforts for supplies and relief to those in critical devastation in Puerto Rico.


About the Ibero-American Action League, Inc.
Established in 1968, Ibero is a bilingual, multi-service agency that uplifts, empowers, and advocates for Latinos and the underserved.


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