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Working From Home: Resources for Entrepreneurs and Remote Employees

September 14, 2021

Are you interested in working remotely? Maybe you want to find a new employer who will allow you to telecommute, or maybe you want to launch an online business from home. Whether you’re curious about acing video interviews, crafting a digital marketing strategy, or highlighting your transferable skills, these tips will help you build a profitable remote career!


Working for a Company

Do you want the security of a full-time job and the opportunity to work from home? Here’s how to land a telecommute position.

  • Check out online job boards and use social platforms like LinkedIn to find openings for remote positions.
  • Are you nervous about interviewing for jobs through video conferences? Practice beforehand by following these tips!
  • Once you’ve landed a job, you’ll need to get used to communicating with your manager and coworkers virtually.
  • Managing your time can be tough when you work from home, so try to stick to these productivity guidelines.


Starting Your Own Business

The popularity of remote work has opened up new possibilities for entrepreneurs. These resources will help you open your own business from the comfort of your home!

  • If you need help building a website, crafting a social media marketing strategy, or designing graphics, consider working with a digital marketing agency.
  • Want to form an LLC in your state for tax benefits and limited liability? File for your Certificate of Formation with a budget-friendly online formation service.
  • Running your business from home doesn’t have to pose an obstacle to networking - you can make valuable connections remotely!
  • Join the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce for networking and marketing opportunities and insurance services!


Tips for Veterans

Veterans have special considerations when job hunting. These tips will be valuable for veterans seeking remote work or exploring entrepreneurship.

  • Identify the transferable skills that you mastered in the military and think about which talents would be useful in a remote position.
  • Seek out remote job openings in the right sectors - this guide will help you target industries where veterans can easily apply their military experience.
  • Whether you plan to work for an employer or become an entrepreneur, it’s important to understand your health insurance options as a veteran.

Many people love the flexibility and freedom that remote work allows. If you’re interested in working from home, you can pursue traditional employment or entrepreneurship! With these tips, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the office.

Looking for ways to grow and promote your business? Join the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce today! 


Provided by DeployCare | Photo via Unsplash


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