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5 Reasons to Use Greater Rochester Chamber Member Advertising Products

September 26, 2023

Greater Rochester Chamber is the trusted partner, resource, and advocate for businesses and non-profits in Greater Rochester, NY and we have a vast network of business contacts in the region. Members of Greater Rochester Chamber can leverage this network to held grow their business and reach new customers, in a number of ways, including through our member advertising options. Keep reading to hear five reasons to consider utilizing our ad options in 2024:


1. Connect with companies in all industries

Greater Rochester Chamber ad products help you cast a wide net to reach as many potential new customers as possible. Our email lists spans all industries in the Greater Rochester region, including professional services, manufacturing, construction, finance and insurance, retail, healthcare, civic and governmental organizations, and more. No matter who you’re trying to reach, we can help get you there.


2. Reach members and non-members

Outside of the 1,300+ members of Greater Rochester Chamber you’ll reach through our ad products, we’re connected with thousands of other professionals in the Greater Rochester region who actively engage with the business community here. Our email products are sent to a dedicated list of consumers who have opted in to receive advertising messages, and our network on social media spans even wider.


3. Options are available for any and all budgets

Products start as low as $200 for sponsored social posts! We offer a variety of products for companies of all sizes. Greater Rochester Chamber’s members span businesses of all sizes, so we designed our products to suit small and large ad budgets. For larger members looking to spend more to get even more exposure, our website banners are available to be front and center on


4. Discounts are available for bulk purchasing in bundles

To help members get the biggest bang for their buck, we created tailored ad bundles offered at a 20% discount. These bundles also come at a variety of price points based on what members want to prioritize their spend on.


5. Products pair perfectly with other member benefits

Greater Rochester Chamber’s ad products help you connect to other members, just like so many of our other offerings. Adding our advertising products into your mix is a perfect way to build brand familiarity with Greater Rochester Chamber before attending an event so the other attendees will be familiar with your event. Additionally, Greater Rochester Chamber offers other complimentary ways to spread your news through our Member News stories and Community Calendar which can help keep your brand top of mind after running ads.


We’re excited to share our updated 2024 Member Advertising options booklet, refined based on member feedback to offer the best available opportunities for our members. For any questions or to get your business on our 2024 advertising calendar, please contact


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